Toastmaster Club

負責人: 馬苔菱 指導:Chris Lee

時間:4月12日(三)7:00PM /4月26日(三)7:00PM TCCS Toastmaster Club 每月第二、第四週三聚會。歡迎您加入, 來賓免費。這是一個經過國際認同,對學習英文與在公眾演講的平台,參加Toastmaster對您個人學經歷資料有很大的加分效果。

TCCS Toastmaster Club warmly welcome new members to join us. We are meeting on the 2nd and the 4th Wednesday 7 - 9 pm starting Feb. 2017.Our next meeting will be on 4/12 and 4/26. (guests are free!) This is a social platform where friends meet in person for networking, learning, encouraging, and having fun together, same time everyone can learn to be a better speaker. Toastmaster is a internationally known public speaking training organization. as a member on your resume, you are immediately recognized as a diligent, sociable, well rounded individual. Please spread words around and try to come with friends!



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