Taiwan NCUT Students Exhibition

Eleven years have passed since the Department of Cultural & Creative Industries was established 
at the National Chin-Yi University of Technology in Taiwan. This department offers two main focus 
for its pupils: Cultural & Creative designs and the marketing behind it. From design principles to 
sales, students are shown the steps to marketing a art product. Although this major only attracts 
approximately  50  students  a  year,  past  students  have  shown  significant  growth  in  learning 
throughout the semester, in both the field of creative designs or marketing.
To  further  enrich  the  learning  process  and  the  international  social  skill  of  students,  Professor 
Chen, who is the department head for Cultural & Creative Industries, suggested during the previous 
summer for students to have their work expedited overseas. He liaised with Vancouver’s famed 
local artists, Lina Chang and Serena Fang, regarding the possibility of such opportunity, and the 
opportunity was indeed given. An expedition scheduled for mid January 2018 in Vancouver, showing 
the works of students of Chin-Yi University’s Cultural & Creative Industries Department, was booked 
and confirmed.
The participants of this expedition will consist of mainly 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students, with an array 
of artwork types ranging from regular class assignments intended to draw out the creativity within 
students, to poster designs and many other selections of projects. Additionally, 3rd year students 
will be displaying wooden sculptures with the potential to heal the mind and better emotions, crafted 
at a level beyond professional. The expedition is scheduled to show between January 15th to 31th, 
2018, and we welcome all residents and students of the Greater Vancouver area to drop by.