About TCCS

About Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society

Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society is a non profit registered charity organization in Canada. Serving the community since 1991.

In view of the influx of new immigrants from Taiwan to Canada, around 40 Taiwanese Canadians in Vancouver established the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (TCCS) in 1991. Besides providing various settlement services hoping to help new-comers enjoy a smooth transition in this new land they have chosen, a part of the mandate of the TCCS is for the Taiwanese here to know more about our own Taiwanese culture as well as to promote the exchange between the Taiwanese and Canadian cultures.

Over the years, TCCS plays an important role in introducing Taiwanese culture to the Canadian public through many local cultural activities and events. With continual effort, TCCS has become one of the main information sources for various government needs. It is the goal of the TCCS to promote mutual understanding and cultural harmony between Taiwanese and other ethnic groups in Canada.


Goals of Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society

  1. To educate and help new immigrants understand and integrate into Canadian life and culture.
  2. To contribute to multiculturalism through educational activities and programs related to Taiwanese arts, culture, history and languages.
  3. To encourage new immigrants to take part in the local community through educational program and activities, with the goal of greater mutual understanding among ethnic groups.
  4. To introduce Taiwanese culture to Canadians and to promote within the community at large, a better understanding of the Taiwanese contributions to the Canadian society.